Simple and Convenient

Based on the years of experience and taking advantage of the design philosophy of Human and Machine Engineering Science , the gensets of Zings pay more attention to the conveniency and elegance, etc., to make more improvement in oil filling, delivery, and operation, and to further satisfy some special requirements in all fields.

The control system which is easy to be operated

The system is made use of high quality computer chips which can modify the generator's control program and protection index, and has the functions of measurement, control, protection, and remote control.

More choices on languages, automatic control, and economical operation.

Equipped with ATS system to automatically connect with and switch over the electricity, or more than one genset operating together, and simple and convenient 10 be operated.

Automatic fuel filling system

In order to avoid the shutdown due to the fuel exhaustion, the enlarged all-in-one fuel tank or separated oil tank and automatic oil filling system are the choices.

Simple and convenient for maintenance

The emergency stop button can offer the simple and convenient operation when the set is the status of emergency or maintenance.

The integration type of sewage disposal gate of the set chassis can offer the routine maintenance more convenient.

Convenient to be delivered

There are loading hole and fork hole in the chassis to make the delivery more convenient.