Electrical safety

All the ends of line connection are arranged by intergratively in the box of control screen and the lines are connected through the ends of the needle type with lock to keep the connection secure and reliable and to make the maintenance more convenient.

The device of lightenning protection is in the best quality, safe and reliable,and can provide the function of controller lightning protection.

It is equipped with the function of emergency stop,in case of high temperature, and low oil pressure, it will be stopped automatically to protect the set when the set has failures.

The outer frame of electrical equipment has eating protection to secure the human safety.

Operational Safety

All the moving parts of the set have protection covers to keep and mis-touch and accident injury away.

The box and control panel set has lock to protect itself easily and guard against the theft.

The output cable is drawn from the end of the air switch which uses the external anti-vibration cover.

The Chassis of the set is made of high strength steel plate with loading hole and fork hole to avoid the accident damage to the chassis during the transportation