environmental protection

In accordance With the philosophy of the environmental protection and centering on the theme of pollution disposal reduction and law carbon, and green life, the generator sets of Zings can make the operation quiet and environmentally friend not to affect the daily life with ultra-law tail gas disposal. It will not pollute the environment even outdoor to make itself clean and environmentally friendly.

Low disposal and low pollution

In low noise and low disposal, using Perkins, Cummins, and Duetz engines.

The set with pressure intensifier can make the compressed high temperature gas to cool down quickly through turbine pressure intensifier to reduce the carbon dioxide disposal.

High quality muffler

It can reduce the noise significantly through two stage mufflers to make the set operation quiety and not to affect the daily life.

High quality muffling material and design

The inner wall of the set makes use of the new type of special muffling cotton which can absorb lots of the noise during operation.

Complete closed type of noise reduction

The design philosophy of noise reduction is integrated into the air inlet and outlet to further reduce the noise.