1CNC Punching Machine

The plates which are less than 3mm can meet the high precision needs of every components after processing by automatic CNC punching machine.

2Spray Painting Line

Automatic spray painting line ensure the tone unification , spaying evenly . What's more ,it can guarantee the elegant appearance and it's endurance.

3CNC Shear Machine

The 3-15mm plates can satisfy the needs of different products after cutting by the shearing machine.

4Laser Cutting Machine

The 3-15mm thick plates can make our products smoother and compacter on structure after cutting by the laser cutting machine.

5CNC Bending Machine

Full-automatic CNC bending machine can guarantee the accuracy of the products' shape.

6Dry loading testing Equipment

2000KW dry loading testing equipment ensure the normal operation in the extreme natural conditions by imitating the extreme working environment(high temperature, high humidity , anoxia).